5 movies to watch when you are feeling down

This just a list of movies you can watch when you are feeling a little bit down, sad or even homesick (for those who are in college or have moved from a city to another) This are really happy movie, nice shots, cute color palettes, cool stories. Nothing to deep to bring you down but not too simple to not make you feel better.

1. Moonrise Kigdom - 93 min.

Yes, Wes Anderson gives us brilliant shots an lots of 60's stuff to cheer us up with this movie full of colors, intelligent dialogues and enough 'real life fantasy' --as I like to call it-- to remind us shit happens but even then you can make something beautiful out of it.

2. Oliver! - 153 min.

Even Charles Dickens know the last precept and he gave us  the story of an orphan datailing so well the victorian life, with marvelous characters and such a good storyline that it has been brought to the screen many times. However, probably the happiest version of this story is the one by Carol Reed, who also delight us with  coreographys that brings to life such a nice victorian time you sometimes wish could have been there.
It's a musical, an Oscar winning award musical, so of course it will make you feel good!

3. Les Choristes - 97 min.

Orphans, Orphans everywhere! Well, sometimes the movies that talk about foster-houses are sad you know, but this one isn't! It's such a tender movie that maybe will make you cry, but it will be a good cry, a happy cne.

4. Melody - 106 min.

This 70's classic is probably an earlier version of Moonrise Kingdom. The story is about two boys, Ornshaw and Daniel who are best friends, but suddenly Melody enters their life and change averything because Daniel falls in love with Melody. Great to remember your happy school days, friends, first loves and it has great music by The BeeGees!

5. Billy Elliot - 110 min.

Or Billy Elliot vs. the world. Basically his father, his brother, the death of his mum and the situation of the coal minners in the 70's. However, Billy Elliot is such an inspiring film that reminds you that, when your world is fucked up, you should go find something you like and do it! Oh yeah, and it doesn't matter if people doesn't like it. 

So...enjoy your sadness, it is ok to feel sad sometimes, everybody does! and hope you feel better soon! c:
Leave a comment and tell me which are your favorite movies to see when you are not feeling well.
Others of mind would include: 500 days of summer; Breakfast at Tiffanny's, Stand by me and Super 8 :)

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