Growing up is never easy (a poem)

By E.C. Mills

Oh, gosh, these days are hard
From twizzlers to cigarettes
and from pirate tales to daily (bad) news

From a playgroud to a desk
and from scrapped knees to broken hearts
and finally, to not care.

We used to be so happy
with those unbroken smiles
We used to be so young, so wild, so free
'til the sun went down

We said goodbye
but just until tomorrow arrived
we didn't care about our grades
we couldn't made mistakes
Yes, how happy we were!

Don't wanting to get a bad
everyday was a different adventure
We were so rich back then
with no money, but lots of imagination

From converses to high heels
we change soda for Jack
stopped enjoying ice-cream
now we just count calories

From playing with street dogs
to playing with our feelings
I'm just a young poet
feeling so old inside
Our only fear was darkness
No need to think about the future

Growing up sucks
nowadays it happens too fast
but just like this poem
is something we can't help

Escrito por mi, mas o menos algo así ronda mi cabeza pero whatever...

Growing up is never easy (a poem)
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3 comentarios:

  1. This is great! It describes losing childhood perfectly and is very well written! Can't wait for more! :)

  2. ME ha gustado un montón aunque tengo que confesar que he tenido que hacer trampas y usar el traductor jejej
    Un beso, me paso ♥
    PD: Aprende a bailar bajo la lluvia

  3. Oh mi Dios, Me encantaban Los Chicos del Barrio!♥ Me gusto mucho el poema, igual que la chica de acá arriba use traductor. Muy lindo la verdad. Saludos