What happen this weekend!

The weekend was amazing my friends! It is one weekend to be remember, to capture the idea of "YOUNG" & "YOLO" in the comming years, so if one day I'm old, I could say "well I've got some real shit done and had so much fun", after all, they say that if you have never done anything stupid you've never done anything at all.

On friday I went to see a friend that studies at UNAM, later we went to a basketball play and our team won!! We had so much fun, I met his roommies and spend a lot of time talking about awkward stuff that make us laugh a lot. We ate some tacos, it was like 2:00 in the morning an we were walking around, just enjoying the night.

On Saturday I was super tired, but I woke up early to go to my lecture of  "Looking for Richard, Shakespeare and postmodern pseudohistory". I learn a lot about how we approach Shakespeare nowadays, how different are the views of scholars from actors that have to represent some shakesperian play. So yes...I was very academic on saturday, hahaha...but later at night I went to cover Kaiser Chief's concert for iRaditec! I had a blast with my friend Carolina. Ricky, the vocalist of the band, blow a condom we throw to the stage...by far the best moment of the night. Then I went to see my friends at Copilco and went to a party, later we continue the party at their home...I got drunk for the first time in my life, like very, very drunk...it was kind of a experience, it was fun but for sure i don't want it to happen again. The good side of all that is that I feel how much my friends care about me c:

I predict a riot

Be reckless

Well, of course Sunday was devastating for me...we had a little breakfast and I was very tired---lol, I did the walk of shame to my house, I sleep a lot, then I wrote the gig review and did some homework, I don't remember, finally I got to sleep.

So it was a great weekend, looking forward for another one, with my dearest friends :) <3 and also I would like to visit my hometown since a month has passed from the last time I went, I miss my granny and my dog!! but well, I am enjoying my academic life and social life, I just wish I could have more time to write and to keep learning swedish...but well, afterall I'm a nerd and I really enjoy studying literature, not sure why but well....Life is good right now, and Mexico city is exciting! And I love my friendssssss  <3 haha thats it

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